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June 2019
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What is CoreSEO

CoreSEO is the one and only software application that addresses all the optimization requirements that Google has for any website. In fact, it is a total and comprehensive solution for all the SEO updates from Google Updates, including: -

Fix for Google Panda
Fix for Google Penguin
Fix for Google Core Update (On June 3rd 2019)

All your customer needs to do is give this application their URL and it will analyze the site and in a matter of seconds, prepare a recommendation sheet that tells your customers what's wrong and exactly what they need to fix.

Important : Everyone in content marketing is actually looking for this solution right now! They need it to overcome the latest powerful update from Google called Google Core.

Dailymail Lost 43% Of Their Traffic To Google Core, Don't Be The Next Casualty

Yes, Google Core was a massive update and it hit right where it matters the most -- Google's core algorithm.
CoreSEO analyzes more than 45 different parameters to give you a comprehensive review of what your site needs to do today to overcome not only Google Core but also all other Google updates.

Google Core Training Included

Included detailed training will show your customers everything they need to know about Google Core today.

They will be able to pivot and change their content strategy to protect their business not only today, but also create a more powerful future for their content websites.

App + Training - The Perfect Combo

Find what backlinks are hurting your website and allows you to disavow them.

Analyzes over 45 parameters on your page to show you what you can fix now to improve your traffic.

Included training equips you to actually benefit from Google Core and other updates.

Easy to use and powerful! Built by marketers who get tens of thousands of visitors a day.

A Solution That The Market Is Looking For

Content marketing is really hot again thanks to the mass adoption of search on mobile phones using voice search. A lot of traffic is generated from search and content marketers are investing massive amounts of time and money to capture this traffic.

The biggest challenge as always is Google's ever changing algorithm, and recently Google released a massive new update to its core called 'Google Core' that killed many top websites, but has also generated a massive opportunity for new website and content marketers.

CoreSEO is the only app that gives your customers a total solution to all of Google's updates.

CoreSEO Fixes

Google Panda

Google Penguin

Google Penguin

The Most Powerful Traffic & Rank Boosting System Created

  • Put in any website and instantly get a complete report of its real SEO position.
  • Analyzes over 45 parameters, including factors considered in Google's latest Core update.
  • Helps your customers rank faster and hold on to their ranks.
  • Makes sure your pages are 100% SEO compliant and ready for top rankings + traffic.
  • Analyzes your backlinks for 20+ ranking parameters.
  • 3-level link intelligence system makes sure only legit links make the cut.
  • Gives you a Google compatible disavow file to help you get rid of bad backlinks.
  • Helps you create a backlinking strategy that actually works succesfully.

Content Marketing Is The Fresh Trend of 2019, Make The Most of It

All the fresh news in 2019 is about content marketing. It's cool again and people are focusing on it massively in 2019. Yes, that's going to be the biggest trend of this year. With Social Media on the wane with Facebook's flatlined growth and similar trends on other social sites, content marketing is the most powerful online marketing system.

With voice search, Google has made it possible to get massive traffic from search again and the quantity of searches made on mobile phone has exploded.

CoreSEO gives our market a real and complete solution to get a little share of the pie from all this fresh traffic that's flowing on to the Internet.

The Most Powerful SEO Ranking System Created For Our Market

Gives you a complete report for your site's rankability

Analyzes your backlinks and tells you if they are of quality

Works for both and small websites.

Exports Google compatible file to disavow bad links

Included : Google Core Training

Gets more traffic and customers

Gets you free organic traffic without spending for clicks

Takes the pain out of Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

High Quality Product + Training In One Pack

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High conversion EPCs & Conversions Assured

All About The OTOs

CoreSEO Pro Upgrade - $67

With this powerful upgrade, your customers get these pro level features.

  • Support for unlimited sites
  • Find unlimited bad backlinks
  • Analyzes unlimited pages
  • Get multi-user accounts
  • Commercial license with rights to sell SEO reports for profit
  • Ready-made salespage to recruit email marketing customers
  • 2 years of free upgrade

CoreSEO Agency - $97

Sell CoreSEO accounts and keep all the money.

ViralReach Pro - $47

Powerful SAAS helps you get viral traffic from Facebook.

Mobiflux Pro - $47

Powerful Wordpress plugin explodes the traffic by forcing your mobile visitors to get 5 more using innovative mobile only CTAs and rewards system.

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None of our products has fallen out of maintenance. We upgrade and maintain our products religiously and make sure all your customers love you more for recommending our products.

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We will support you in every manner, and every way whenever possible. So build a strong relationship with us and look forward to us having your back.

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