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We specialize in paper for the printing, converting and plastic industry. We solve problems of overstock, over production, side-runs, redundancy stock, job lot, cull rolls, off spec material and damaged goods. We are the interface between producers and printers / converters / manufacturer, while obtaining the best grades and best price for both parties.

Paper Trading Corporation cultivates key strategic relationships with suppliers and Mills throughout the world to provide clients with the full spectrum of Papers, Boards & Plastics.

Paper Trading Corporation was established in Ontario, Canada in the year 2002 with the purpose of trading paper, plastic and secondary fibers. We supply paper and board to convertors, printers and packers around the world.  In our continuous effort to satisfy suppliers and customers, each member of our dedicated team acts as a vital link in creating a solid network between Mills and customers. Paper Trading Corporation is able to meet all of our buyers' needs professionally, promptly and efficiently, drawing upon our strong support system of customer service staff, sales support, coordination and transportation. Over the years Paper Trading Corporation has matured as a reliable, financially strong and long term partner for our customers and suppliers. Smart trading means knowing the right people. Paper Trading Corporation has the knowledge, experience and maturity to develop solutions for your organization's needs. We know our business.

Paper Trading Corporation cultivates key strategic relationships with suppliers and Mills throughout the world to provide clients with the full spectrum of Papers, Boards & Plastics:

Publication Papers

Newsprint, Super Calendared Paper, LWC, Offset Paper and C1S & C2S Coated Wood-free Paper

Packaging Papers

Kraft Liner board, White Top Kraft Liner Board, Duplex Board, Natural & Bleached Kraft, Saturating Kraft, SBS (Solid Bleached Sulphate Board) and one side poly coated paper

Specialty Papers

PSA Label Stock, Thermal Paper, Silicone Paper, Laminated Foil, Décor

Prime Grades of Paper & Board

Virgin Kraft Liner Board, Natural & Bleached Kraft Paper, Saturating Kraft, Silicone Base Paper and Thermal Paper.

Waste Plastic

We offer solutions in post-industrial and post-consumer waste plastic in LDPE, HDPE, PET, ABS, PP etc.

Flexible Aluminum Foil Packaging


Paper Trading Corporation has the capability of delivering solutions to a broad range of retail, consumer, medical and industrial markets. Our highly experienced technical team allows us the ability to provide customers the product reliability and service responsiveness they've come to expect "Endless Possibilities".

We can produce adhesive laminated materials which resist water, moisture vapor, grease, oil and heat. A broad product offering allows Paper Trading Corporation to add value to many different markets and supply chains. Paper Trading Corporation is focused on being a quality leading specialty converter on the platforms of operational excellence, innovation, and customer solutions. Paper Trading Corporation combines a passion for great work with the desire to provide affordable solutions to your food packaging needs. We understand individual customer requirements and are capable of serving the packaging industry in Tobacco, Confectionery, Food, Dairy, Butter/Margarine, Ice Cream, Pharmaceutical, Bottle Neck, Chewing Gum markets.

Reinforce brand awareness by having your organization's logo printed on your wrappers. The back lamination side can even feature sandwich names and custom graphics to match up with the front. We can develop a wrapper based on your existing specifications or help you choose the best size and paper types to meet your requirements